Discover the Hubbardton Forge Graffiti Pendant - Unleash Industrial Elegance

Are you enticed by the allure of unfinished concrete, raw steel, and vintage brick? Does the mere thought of exposed Edison bulbs, open ducting, or wooden beams send a thrill down your spine? If so, prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Hubbardton Forge Graffiti Pendant. This exceptional lighting fixture exudes a captivating industrial ambiance, seamlessly blending fluid movement with timeless heirloom aesthetics.


Designer Paul Marr-HilliardHubbardton Forge designer, Paul Marr-Hilliard speaks about the Graffiti’s earliest design origins, “There was first a process of experimentation with small metal sculptures. I had the idea of movement through a volume of space—as if scrawling out or painting a complicated letter form with a large brush. In the slower turns, the brush stroke gets fatter then accelerates in a different direction and thins out.” Paul goes on to say, “The end design became smooth and free-flowing. The lamping feels a bit industrial, jutting in and connecting the forged metal ‘calligraphy’.”


As challenging as naming a new lighting design can sometimes be, Paul comments, that when it came time to give this fixture a name there was no doubt as to what it should be, “All of the designers lovingly referred to it throughout the development process as the Graffiti. It was a nickname that stuck and won out in the final naming. It was just a perfect fit.

Watch the video to see how the Graffiti Pendant is made


The Graffiti Pendant effortlessly combines robust industrial lines with sculptural curves, resulting in a steel and glass interpretation of contemporary calligraphy. It not only embodies edginess but also offers exceptional functionality. Discover this premium lighting fixture that adds an urban, refined appeal to any space."




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