Explore the Steampunk Elegance of the Otto Collection

Step into a world that would surely have captivated the imagination of 18th-century novelist Jules Verne, an early pioneer of the steampunk genre. The Otto collection, aptly named after one of Verne's central characters, embodies a compelling steampunk aesthetic, artfully fusing brass with glass and infusing an industrial essence with a touch of retrofuturism.

Otto Artisan Light Fixture

These unique designer light fixtures have found a special place in the hearts of many within our Forge community. Take, for example, the Otto Pendant - a masterpiece that features a substantial, hand-blown glass sphere that radiates a celestial glow. Opt for a frosted glass tube to encase the light element for a captivating ambiance, or select the stainless steel mesh tube for an industrial touch. For those who appreciate customization, our 5-Light Otto Pendant allows individual adjustments, giving you the power to craft your own bespoke lighting experience.

Luxury Lighting Trends

Among the collection, the Otto Sconce stands out as an extraordinary gem. Its design, resembling an unstrung bow, adds a unique touch whether displayed individually or as a striking pair. However, it truly comes to life when used in larger groupings to illuminate hallways with a breathtaking visual display. Discover the captivating world of the Otto collection and infuse your space with steampunk elegance. Luxury Home Lighting has never looked so enchanting.

Otto Sphere 5 Light Designer Pendant Light Fixtures

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