Lighting Made Here.

Discover how Vermont's natural beauty inspires our lighting designs.

"Vermont, a state known for its creative talent, boasts the highest number of working artists per capita," according to Andrew Van Dam of the Washington Post. It's no surprise that the natural beauty of Vermont serves as a wellspring of inspiration for our team.

Our dedicated team of designers draws inspiration from the landscapes of Vermont to craft and showcase our unique lighting designs. Vermont's environment is part of our company's very DNA.


We quickly recognized the connections that our products have with the natural surroundings near Hubbardton Forge. Our designers were inspired by Vermont's mountains, landscapes, rivers, streams, lakes, fields, farmlands, covered bridges, sculpture gardens, and more as they made their way to work each day, or enjoyed the outdoors with family and friends.

Accessing the perfect settings to highlight our products became an adventure in itself. Our goal was to ensure that every photograph not only captured the beauty of our surroundings but also echoed the core values and craftsmanship that define our products and highlighted each designer's inspiration.

Crest Table Lamp -  “Inspired by nature’s power of rolling waves that can evoke both strength and grace.”


Jason Hancocks' Crest design found its perfect setting effortlessly, as his home rests on the shores of a tranquil lake in Hubbardton, VT. It provided an idyllic backdrop that beautifully mirrored the product's essence and expressed the design intent. Our pre-dawn photoshoot, allowed us to capture the ripples and vibrant colors of Lake Hortonia, evocative of the organic, flowing lines and contours seen in the metalwork of the Crest.

Rivulet Table Lamp -  “I really wanted to capture the idea of a small flowing stream making its way through a stony bed with steel and stone.”


During our daily commute down a secluded backroad, we stumbled upon a hidden waterfall that served as the perfect setting for David Kitts' Rivulet design. The rugged beauty of dark stone, vibrant green moss, and crystal-clear water made us think of the flowing water over stone that had so inspired David.

At Hubbardton Forge, "Lighting Made Here" is more than just the physical act of production. It's a reflection of the natural beauty that surrounds us, inspiring us at every step of the creative journey.



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