Custom Bracelet from Hubbardton Forge?

Discover the allure of a custom Hubbardton Forge bracelet—an exquisite gift crafted by our in-house jeweler, Ori Goldberg. Ori's architectural background influences both jewelry and lighting designs. Discover the intricate process and quick development of diverse design options, all crafted under one roof.


The idea of creating a custom Hubbardton Forge bracelet as a special gift had everyone internally excited. We thought it would be a great way to connect and share a piece of unique, handcrafted design with our customers. And, we have a professional jeweler on our design team.


Ori was born and raised in Israel and acquired his formal education in architectural design. As a member of our in-house design team, Ori Goldberg came to the Forge as a full-time jeweler and provides a unique perspective. And, while he continues to make jewelry, it is easy to see those influences throughout his lighting designs.


Bracelet Design

Ori came up with several different concepts for the bracelet design. He worked back and forth with different shapes to see how the steel would react to different techniques. 


The great thing about having everything here under one roof is that he was able to develop various options and make new maquette versions in a matter of days not weeks.


We look good, you look good

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Jewelry For Your Home

It is easy to see that the essence of Ori’s background in jewelry carries through to his lighting designs for Hubbardton Forge.


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