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This month’s Spotlight features Florida-based designer, Patricia Davis Brown, ASID, NCIDQ, CKD, CBD.

Not only does Patricia use Hubbardton Forge in designs for her customers, but we were flattered to find out that she has also chosen Hubbardton Forge lighting for her own home, which is the design showcased this month. Get to know Patricia and learn more about the design that she’s right at home with.

blog_dig_this_02HF:  What inspired you to become a designer?
PDB: I remember how I use to entertain myself as a child riding in the backseat of my parent's car, by looking at an old building as we were driving by and visualizing how I could facelift it to be better. I think people are born with the talent to design; it just comes naturally. The first time I saw a drafting board I fell in love with the idea of standing at it and creating.

HF: Where do you get your design inspiration?
PDB: I get inspiration from everything around me. When I look at a new space, I like to see what is outside the window and incorporate it into my design. I remember being hired to design a commercial appliance showroom in the old downtown area and the owner wanted me to do a Key West vibe. I told him to look down the street at the character of the old downtown and I recommended bringing that feel into the design. I used Chicago brick in the design and I won four national awards on that project.

HF: How would you describe your design style?
PDB: It’s not about my style; it’s about my clients’ style. As a professional, I need to listen to my clients and bring their ideas to life, but I love to offer a twist of the unexpected, taking them outside of what they thought was possible. I look at every new project as a clean palette and I can’t wait to see a whole new design that has never been seen before. I never want someone to look at my portfolio and see the same old style over and over again. I love it when a client brings an out-of-the-box design request. It’s so much more fun to create than to repeat.

HF: What were the main requests from your client for this project?
PDB: This home (my home) is in a coastal community on the water. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in my town, so the homes were built in the ‘70s. I was looking for outdoor lanterns that had old charm but in a contemporary way. Eclectic was the theme I wanted.

HF: Were there any big design challenges? If so, how did you address them?
PDB: The home is a 1970s renovation and the front entryway was a challenge due to the positioning of the door in relation to the family room you enter into. I could not move or expand the doorway, leaving me with a single door entry. I decided I would add a front porch to be able to add some decorative chairs and landscaping. I replaced the builder’s door with a custom glass door from Think Glass. The decorative glass matched my island countertop, pulling the inside design together with the front door. The Hubbardton Forge lanterns were the finishing touch!

HF: What made you choose Hubbardton Forge lighting and that design?
PDB: I have always admired Hubbardton Forge for their quality. Recently, I was invited to the launch of the Hubbardton Forge line by Legrand as part of the adorne collection. During the event, I got to see coordinating finishes for Hubbardton Forge fixtures with Legrand’s adorne light switch wall plates. As a designer who offers lighting design services, I was thrilled! Hubbardton Forge’s innovative ways will always make me think of them with every project I do.

Patricia’s Project Features: MASON LARGE OUTDOOR SCONCE



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