Embrace Dark Sky Friendly Lighting for Starry Nights

Experience the wonders of the night sky with our Dark Sky Friendly outdoor fixtures, intentionally designed to minimize light pollution. These fixtures direct light beams and reflections downward, safeguarding stargazing and preserving wildlife for generations to come.

Introducing the Erlenmeyer Dark Sky Friendly Outdoor Sconce, a harmonious blend of beauty and environmental respect. This stunning sconce, now available in a captivating two-toned design (Coastal Burnished Steel accent with Coastal Black), directs its light exactly where you desire. The Erlenmeyer Collection, a perennial favorite, offers a range of outdoor and indoor options.

Dark Sky friendly outdoor sconce

Our Henry Dark Sky Friendly Outdoor Sconces, an extension of our beloved collection, feature a unique double shade that eliminates uplight, offering unobstructed views of the constellations. Craftsmanship and intricate details enhance the aesthetics of any outdoor space.

Henry Outdoor Sconce that is Dark Sky friendly

The Stratum Dark Sky Friendly Outdoor Sconces bring a touch of elegance to your surroundings. These fixtures feature a textured aluminum backplate that expertly guides the LED illumination downward, all concealed within the header element. Choose from a two-tone finish selection, including the striking Coastal Outdoor Gold Finish. The Stratum ensures that your light is focused precisely where it's needed.

light pollution friendly lights

Coastal Outdoor White (-02)

High quality outdoor finish for exterior lighting

A pristine white satin AAMA 2604-rated finish designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Tested extensively in our salt spray chamber, enduring salinity levels 50% higher than average seawater and 100% humidity.

These new additions to our Dark Sky Friendly lineup join an expanding collection of environmentally-conscious outdoor fixtures, paying homage to the pristine beauty of starry nights."

light pollution friendly outdoor lighting solutions

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