HF Celebrates 50 Years with an Exclusive Bracelet


For our 50th year in business, we wanted to do something extra-special. Our resident jeweler-cum-lighting-designer, Ori Goldberg collaborated with our resident sculptor-cum-lighting-designer, Paul Marr Hilliard to create a beautiful bracelet to celebrate 50 Years.


Bracelet Design Collaboration

In honor our Golden Anniversary, Ori and Paul thought it fitting to design something truly memorable for some of our best customers. Using their talents, they created this stunning bracelet, using the heat of the forge to bend and shape the metal.



The idea of creating a custom Hubbardton Forge bracelet as a special 50th Anniversary gift seemed like a natural, given Ori and Paul’s backgrounds. We thought it would be a great way to connect and share a piece of unique, handcrafted design with our customers.



The Final Design

Paul and Ori worked back and forth on several different concepts for the bracelet design, looking to see how the metal would react to different techniques.

With everything here under one roof, they were able to develop various options and make new maquette versions in a matter of days not weeks.


We look good, you look good

If you were one of the lucky few who received one of these exclusive bracelets, show it off. Share it and tag us..

@HubbardtonForge   #HFbracelet


Jewelry For Your Home

It’s not difficult to guess which products are influenced by Ori’s jeweler or Paul’s sculptor backgrounds when you look at their lighting designs for Hubbardton Forge.


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Meet the Hubbardton Forge design team.

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